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 The brief summaries of pages DeKo Vacuum.  

The company concerns scientifically - research, designing and industrial enterprises, working in Hi-Tech areas power- and economic saving up vacuum industrial technologies (regeneration of power oils, nano technologies of a vacuum dusting of metals and their alloys, vacuum training and the soldering of materials, vacuum drying of wood and other products, evaporation). We carry out repair of vacuum pumps and armature, modernisation or restoration of vacuum installations.The literature. 


 Die Gesellschaft verhält sich zu den Wissenschaftlich - Forschungsproduktionsbetrieben, arbeitend in Hi-Tech die Gebiete energo - und der rentablen aufbewahrenden industriellen Vakuumtechnologien (das Refresh der energetischen Flüssigkeiten, nano der Technologien des Vakuumauftragens der Metalle und ihrer Legierungen, der Vakuumhärtung und des Lötens der Materialien, des Vakuumdörrkringels des Holzes und anderer Produkte, des Abdampfens). Wir verwirklichen die Reparatur der Vakuumpumpen und der Armatur, die Modernisierung oder die Wiederherstellung der Vakuuminstallationen. Die Literatur.


 La compagnie se rapporte aux entreprises scientifiquement scientifiques industrielles, travaillant à Hi-Tech les domaines des technologies énérgetique- et économes épargnant vidées industrielles (la régénérescence des liquides énergétiques, nano des technologies de l'application vidée des métaux et leurs alliages, la trempe vidée et la soudure des documents, la lyophilisation du bois et d'autres produits, l'évaporation). Nous réalisons la réparation des pompes vidées et l'armature, la modernisation ou la restitution des installations vidées. La littérature.


The brief summary of pages "DeKo Vacuum"LTD.

The data of page are devoted to main (basic) directions of activity of the enterprise:

  • To lines of regeneration (recovery of service properties) power oils;

  • To the installations of vacuum magnetron deposition of metals;

  • To the installations of deleting of a moisture in conditions of vacuum from wood and other rigid substances;

  • To the installations of a condensation of milk and other dairy products;

  • To systems of computer management (control) on the basis of the distributed systems.

The structure of main page each consists of directions:

  • Purpose(assignment) and possible(probable) areas of application of the equipment;

  • The description of activity of an item as a whole and it of the constituents;

  • Characteristics of an item;

  • The acts(certificates) of tests;

  • Directions ours scientific both experimental researches and condition of business, on modernizing items. The conditions and some outcomes of tests of the equipment are adduced;

  • accounting on manufacturing of an item;

  • The economic substantation of efficiency(effectiveness) of lines and installations;

  • The theory, literature, standards;

  • The help to the Customer.

In business - proposal from DeKo Vacuum Ltd. (Let's purchase) there are sections:

  • Let's purchase;

  • Let's sell;

  • Let's develop and we search for the Customers.

I hope, that the stay on our pages will be for you fascinating, interesting and useful. I shall be glad, if you will state the design remarks and proposals on organization, design and submitted (shown) materials.

Yours faithfully and best regards,

Chapter the engineer DeKo- Vacuum, 

Dr. Serge A. Koneff

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